BaddersWeb is a league software solution for badminton leagues, associations and clubs with a customisable badminton website template front-end. It features an easy to use content management system back-end for update by specified members of your organisation.

It was developed by EasierThan Website Design in conjunction with Blackpool & District Badminton Association (the first of many Customers...) and as such is built with badminton players in mind.

The software has been designed to be a flexible re-usable template solution that can quickly be deployed for another association, league or club, but also with the necessary flexibility to add more features as required.

Feature Rich

Both the public facing front-end and admin back-end of BaddersWeb are rich in Features to handle club, league, cup, tournament, inter-league (town teams), news, association history, downloads, officers, committee information and more.

If you represent a badminton league, association or club and are looking for an affordable well featured website solution that allows you to easily control your own content, then BaddersWeb is for you.

Flexible Pricing

We realise that most badminton associations, leagues and clubs do not have bottomless coffers and have priced BaddersWeb accordingly.

Please take a look at our Pricing page for details.

More Questions

We're sure you have lots of questions so please take a look round the site (including our FAQs page) and at our Customers' websites.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dave Barton

Contact Us

To register your interest in the BaddersWeb website template for your badminton association or league, please get in touch:

United Kingdom and Worldwide

The BaddersWeb badminton league software has an English content management system (CMS) back-end to allow your association to maintain the customisable badminton website template front-end.

This makes it readily suitable for associations and leagues in the United Kingdom, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Non-English Versions in alternative languages may be created at a later date, once we have more Customers!