Please take a look at the following FAQs. If you have a question that isn't listed, please get in touch using our contact details at the bottom of the page.

We have a limited budget. Will we be able to afford BaddersWeb?

Don't worry. We're aware that most badminton associations, leagues and clubs are not rolling in money, so we've made it ridiculously cheap to get a high specced bespoke badminton solution.

The price you pay annually for association or leagues is dependent on how many clubs you have. For clubs and junior clubs, the price is fixed low.

Take a look at our Pricing page for details.

Will our website be branded to represent our association, league or club?

Yes, every implementation will include your badge (logo) and name, along with a suitable colour scheme to match.

We're part way through the season already. Is it worth doing this year?

Wherever you're up to in the season, we can get a new site up and running very quickly. Entering your division, club, team and fixture information is very easy via our bespoke back-end admin pages.

Alternatively, we can set up everything for you and provided your fixtures and results are recorded electronically (e.g. using Microsoft Excel), we can easily import them into the website.

If you have an existing website that you're looking to migrate we can assist with that too, often without the need for access to the back-end.

Please see our Pricing page for further information.

Can we import previous years history onto the site?

Yes, if you have a member with sufficient time on their hands, the content management system back-end can be used to enter as much historic data as you wish.

We can also import it for you, but there may be a charge. Please Contact Us with the details.

Alternatively, if you want to keep your existing site and hosting as an archive, we can assist in creating a sub-domain (website address e.g. archives.yourassociation.org.uk) or similar to keep it on.

We use complicated league point scoring mechanisms. Will BaddersWeb be able to cope?

The BaddersWeb back-end has a generic set of tools to make it as flexible as possible. For example, if you use lost over 6, points equals match score, choose a winner on draw, games for, rubbers, rally points and / or regularly deduct league points as a penalty, the system is able to record and display them accordingly.

And if you have a point scoring mechanism we haven't catered for, we'll make every attempt to develop the system to cope. In the unlikely event we're unsuccessful, a manual override is also available as standard.

Can team captains enter league fixture results?

Yes, separate logins can be set up for club match secretaries and team captains to allow them to enter results, plus verify any results entered by an opposing team.

Take a look at the Features page for more details.

We need a feature that doesn't appear to be listed. Can or will it be developed?

BaddersWeb has a long list of Features already, but it is inevitable that as the product is taken up by more badminton leagues, associations and club, the need for other features will emerge.

Our aim is to develop as comprehensive a product as possible and as such we will be adding to it regularly over time.

Dependent on the amount of development required and the use of the feature to other BaddersWeb users, we may develop it for free as an enhancement to the product. Alternatively, there may be a small cost for adding it.

For confirmation, please Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Can we request a feature that it is unlikely anyone else will want?

Yes. If you want us to develop something that is wholly unique to your badminton association, league or club, we can do that too.

Dependent on the amount of development required, there may be an additional cost, or we may be able to squeeze it in with your initial order.

Please Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Will we be able to acknowledge our sponsors within the product?

Every section on the website can feature its own formatted page of text, offering a good opportunity to acknowledge sponsors of your association, league or even specific events, clubs and teams.

Take a look at our Features page for more details.

Do we have to have the advertising in the menus?

No. By default, in order to subsidise its low cost, the site will include discreet BaddersWeb controlled advertising in the lower left and right margins, along with a classifieds page.

The advertising will only ever feature family-friendly neutral business, badminton or sport related products or services.

If preferred however, you can opt to remove this advertising for an additional annual fee. Please take a look at our Pricing page for details.

Is there any support for using the back-end admin facility?

Yes. All features are well documented with extensive on-screen help and direct support is available via email.

A community forum is also planned within the product which will enable users to suggest improvements, request support and share tips and advice with other users from different associations, leagues and clubs.

Where can we see BaddersWeb in action?

You can look through any of our Customers' public websites, but please bear in mind that they might not be using all of the Features that the product offers.

If you are based in the UK and would like a demo of the product, please Contact Us with your details.

Is there any free trial period of the product to allow us to try it out first?

We understand it is important to know that BaddersWeb is right for your organisation before committing your hard won subscription money, plus the required time and effort to make it work.

So yes, a Free Trial Period is therefore available to allow you to evaluate the product before buying. And should you decide to go with it, you'll also have the option to keep some or all of the test data you've entered.

Please Contact Us with your details.

Can we keep our existing domain name?

Yes, you can retain full control of your domain name (website addresses) and any existing email addresses you might have and we can help you change the settings to point it to the BaddersWeb engine.

Alternatively, we can host your domain for you and manage email addresses at a reasonable additional rate.

What does the standard rate price include?

It includes a hosted comprehensive badminton website with a wealth of Features, branding with your badge (logo), name and suitable colour scheme, along with support from BaddersWeb as required.

How long are the annual costs fixed for?

Although we have no imminent plans to raise them, we obviously can't say annual costs will remain at the levels shown on the Pricing page indefinitely.

No-one can accurately predict their country's economic future, but provided there isn't an implosion of the UK or World economy, any price increase will never be higher than 20% for any given year.

Advance notice will be given of price increases, with the option for users to negotiate and / or cancel their subscription.

Can we cancel our subscription to BaddersWeb at any time?

We hope you won't, but yes you can. Where you have more than 3 months remaining, we may also issue a partial refund minus any costs of set-up, domain transfers or renewals and import or export of data.

Most of the information from BaddersWeb can easily be exported to CSV format for use in Microsoft Excel or another website database back-end.

Even where controlled by us, your domain name will be registered in your association, league or club's name, meaning that it can be transferred easily.

Again though, we'd be sad to see you go!

Are there any non-English versions of BaddersWeb?

There are no Non-English Versions available at present, but alternative language versions may be made available at a later date.

If you represent an association or league in a non-English speaking country and would be interested in assisting with translation in exchange for a reduction in Pricing, please Contact Us with details.

Contact Us

To register your interest in the BaddersWeb website template for your badminton association or league, please get in touch:

Ireland and Worldwide

The BaddersWeb badminton league software has an English content management system (CMS) back-end to allow your association to maintain the customisable badminton website template front-end.

This makes it readily suitable for associations and leagues in the United Kingdom, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Non-English Versions in alternative languages may be created at a later date, once we have more Customers!