The BaddersWeb badminton website template and league management software back-end are rich in features specifically designed for badminton associations, leagues and clubs.

Our aim is to develop as comprehensive a product as possible and as such we will be adding to it regularly over time. Take a look at the Change Log for examples.

The following brief summary lists the current features of the product, but it is inevitable that as BaddersWeb is taken up by more badminton leagues, associations and clubs, other features will emerge.

As per our FAQs page, if you require any features not listed here, please get in touch to discuss them.

Full Control

The admin back-end allows you to enter and control all the information relating to your association, league or club. How much or little you enter is up to you.

That means no waiting for ourselves or any other third party to update something. You can do it as and when you want.

User Levels

As well as a top level management account, there are various roles you can assign to users of the system to allow them access to only relevant content.

Wealth of Features

BaddersWeb contains a wealth of badminton bespoke features that can be turned on and off by you according to your association, league or club's requirements.

All of the features listed are delivered to the front-end website via automatic formatting.

Formatted Display / Entry

No need to manually create tables, round robins, knock-out tables, etc..

Likewise, the back-end admin system provides tailored entry forms throughout. Having set up clubs, teams and divisions, fixtures can then be quickly entered using drop down boxes. Once entered, they can be exported to Excel or similar for use elsewhere.

For example, for clubs, there are over a dozen optional pieces of information you can add. Enter as much or as little as required and it will be automatically formatted for display on screen.


Manage the league(s) easily with the option for all the work to be done by the league secretary or allow club secretaries and team captains to enter league results and verify league results entered by the opposing team.

Functionality includes:

  • Unlimited: Add unlimited divisions, fixtures and results with automatic scoring and tables.
  • Free Format Text: Enter a detailed introduction if desired or use it for specific announcements.
  • League Tables: Tables are automatically calculated based on chosen scoring mechanisms once results are entered.
  • Flexible Scoring Mechanisms: Whatever scoring system you use, the software should be able to handle it. See FAQs for more information.
  • Results Entry: Can be entered centrally by a league match secretary or by individual club secretaries or team captains. In the case of the latter, the opposing team can then verify those results or contest them to the league match secretary.
  • Registered Players / Appearances: Store and edit lists of registered players by team and record their appearances at fixtures for display on the website front-end by club, team and season. Includes the option to use "Name Witheld" for privacy if required.
  • Penalty Points: Add penalty points for uncompleted fixtures, unregistered players or whatever else you want to record, can be added for teams and are automatically deducted from the league tables.
  • Folding / Defaulting: Options to deal with clubs and teams that fold or default including zeroing table scores.
  • Archiving: Archived league history is stored automatically so results can be compared year on year. No need to clear anything down.

All displayed on separate pages on the front-end website split down by division and season, showing league fixtures, results, completed fixtures awaiting results, results awaiting verification, any penalty points incurred and automatically calculated league tables. Plus registered player appearances where recorded.

The system can also handle junior leagues by simply creating additional divisions and club teams.

Decentralised Results Management

Results can be entered centrally by a league match secretary or by individual club secretaries or team captains. In the case of the latter, the opposing team can then verify those results or contest them to the league match secretary.


Allow your clubs to build up an online presence and potentially increase their membership. Club page features include:

  • Formatted Information: Enter club information such as team details, venue (automatically generates an embedded Google map), club night, starting time, match night, contacts, website, vacancies, junior Facilities, coaching availability, nearest towns and more.
  • Free Format Text: Enter a detailed introduction to the club if desired describing ethos, social aspect, etc..
  • Vacancies / Coaching / Junior Facilities: Entered details automatically list the club on separate top level pages for each. See Vacancies onward below.
  • Nearest Towns: Listing nearest towns aids the club being found in a Google search for "Badminton Club [Town]".
  • Club Officers: Include a photo, name, address, telephone, mobile, email address and even a mini-biography as required. All email addresses are automatically protected from spambots.
  • League Fixtures: Club pages automatically display club and team specific league fixtures, results, penalties and table rankings. Plus registered player appearances where recorded.

If a club or club team isn't playing in a given season, you can freeze it and re-instate it at a later date along with all associated information, whilst keeping historic league results available.

Club Management

There are facilities for club secretaries to edit details about the club, including reps and registered players. Plus the option for club secretaries and team captains to enter league results and verify league results entered by the opposing team.

Inter-League / Affiliated Leagues

Much of the above League and Clubs functionality is duplicated for county level inter-leagues, enabling BaddersWeb to be used effectively by county badminton associations and leagues.

Affiliated Membership

Back-end admin functionality to record affiliated membership of clubs and / or affiliated leagues (if in use by a county association or league) with the option to automatically generate required fees and record payment.

This feature is under ongoing development and further details will follow. Contact Us for more details if this is something you would like to use.


Enter unlimited trophies, each with their own introductory text, then add handicap and pre-formatted knock-out tables (to the required size) for each year.

Historic information is archived on the site when you start to enter details for the current season.


Enter unlimited tournaments / championships, using some or all of the following functionality:

  • Formatted Information: Enter information such as the name, date from and to, venue details (automatically generates an embedded Google map), entry closing date, events, free format about text, entry form and rules documents or links and more.
  • Free Format Text: Enter details about with any further required information.
  • Events: Create unlimited events (allowing for online booking) including name, applicable age restrictions, sex (or mixed), whether it is a doubles event and appropriate fees.
  • Linked Downloads: Add downloads or links for an entry form, competition rules and final results if desired.
  • Results: Create multiple pre-formatted round-robin and knock-out tables at whatever size is required or simply upload your own file in a number of formats including Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Gallery Photos: Option to add a small gallery of photos following the event.

Tournament Bookings

Work is current ongoing to allow tournament bookings to be made on the front-end website with management of them via the admin area. Contact Us for more details if this is something you would like to use.

Town Teams

If your association plays in any inter-league divisions, you can add fixtures, results and appearances for each of your Town Teams. Especially useful where such information is not readily available from the county league in question.


Add an introduction to your association, league or club, along with a small gallery of photos.


Add various roles such as President, Chairman, League Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary and Committee Members. These officer positions are free-format so you can add as many as you like with whatever titles you use.

Assign stored administrators to these roles so it is easy for someone to swap roles in future years.

Officer details can include a photo, their name, address, telephone, mobile, email address and a mini-biography as required. All email addresses are automatically protected from spambots.


Add a list of any committees with their purpose and current members.

Documents and Downloads

Add unlimited downloads such as rules, constitution, forms, committee minutes and reports, etc.. and create your own categories to group them on screen.

Files can be uploaded in a number of file formats such as Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat, including: xls, xlsx, doc, docx, csv, txt and pdf files. Or they can link to a third party website if preferred.

Downloads can then be added as Custom Menu Links within specific sections of the website or site wide. For example, add a blank match scorecard download to your league and club pages.


Page allowing free-format text and automatically listing vacancies information from individual Clubs that include it.


Coaching page(s) to help promote badminton in the area, including:

  • Free Format Text: Enter introductory text about coaching.
  • Coaches: Promote coaches within the area with a listing including their name, qualifications, areas served, telephone, mobile phone, email address and website.
  • Club Coaching: Coaching information automatically listed for individual Clubs that include it.
  • Qualifications: Free format text to create links to available courses for qualifications for coaches, along with any help the league offers.
  • Funding: Provide information on funding available for existing coaches and potential new ones to gain qualifications. Includes an optional pre-built front-end enquiry form for applicants to complete.


Pages dedicated to encouraging juniors into the sport, including:

  • Free Format Text: Enter introductory text about juniors.
  • Junior Clubs: Promote junior clubs within the area with a listing including their name, areas served, contact, telephone, mobile phone, email address, club website and meet days / times.
  • Club Junior Facilities Junior facilities information automatically listed for individual Clubs that include it.


If the association, league or club is actively developing the sport in the local area, this page allows you to enter free format text about development opportunities.

Also includes an optional built-in enquiry form for applicants to apply for available funding or grants.


Add free format text about volunteering opportunities for people to get involved in the league and promoting badminton in the area.

Also includes an optional built-in enquiry form for volunteers to contact you.


Basic free format text page with the option to link to a safeguarding document in Documents and Downloads or to a policy on a third party website such as Badminton England.


Latest news is displayed on the home page and within its own set of pages with automatic yearly archiving. Features include:

  • Free Format Text: Enter and format a lengthy news item with headings, bullets, hyperlinks and more.
  • Keep On Home Page: Sticky feature to make a chosen news article remain at the top on he home page.
  • Downloads: Create a download specific to the news item or link to existing Documents and Downloads.
  • Header Photo: Add a header photo to be displayed on the home page and news page listings.
  • Gallery Photos: Optional small gallery of photos / images to accompany the news item.


Our flexible history section allows you to add unlimited pages with introductory text, formatted dated lists and / or downloadable documents.

Formatted lists can include previous winners, most improved, 100 appearances (if you have them), past presidents and any other list of dates and multiple columns of names you can think of.

Export Facilities

All league, club specific league, cup, tournament and town teams fixtures, results and tables can be easily exported to a CSV file for use in Microsoft Excel.

Each page features a dedicated 'Export' button. No technical skills required!

Dynamic Content

League tables are automatically calculated from results using set league point mechanisms (see FAQs for more information). No need to input them separately.


Various settings allow you to set-up BaddersWeb with your own logo, banner, colour scheme and Google Fonts, plus add social media links.

Many of the above listed features can be turned on and off to tailor the available menu and content to your requirements.

Automatic Archiving

The previous years' league, cup, tournament and town teams fixtures, results and tables are automatically archived as soon as you enter the next season's upcoming fixtures. No need for you to clear them down!

Although not yet available, we're also considering creating a page for a club team to be able to see their rankings over time.

Introductory Text

Every section on the website can feature its own formatted page of text to allow you to make specific announcements, explain rules, add timetables and / or just provide a general introduction.

For example, how did a trophy originate, what is the purpose of a particular committee, what is the timetable for an upcoming tournament, etc..

This also includes the option of small photo gallery for related photos.


The above customisable introductory text areas, such as that on the home page, offer a good opportunity to acknowledge sponsors of your association, league, club or specific events.

You can add your own custom links to any (or all) of the menus on the website.

For instance if you have a forum (message board) hosted somewhere else, you can link to it from the home page menu. If you have a sponsor, you can include a site-wide link to their website.

If you've uploaded a blank matchsheet to your Documents and Downloads page, you can link to it from your Clubs and League menus.

Privacy Notice

For convenience, a standard privacy notice to comply with data legislation is included within the website. However, the league itself will still be responsible for all issues of data protection and privacy, including seeking permission for the use of any personal data.


All of the above is maintained via our easy to use back-end admin facility.

Features are well documented with extensive on-screen help, making BaddersWeb suitable for non-technical and experienced users alike.

User Roles

The BaddersWeb back-end offers a number of user roles that control which areas of the system, a user is allowed to edit.

These include top-level management and admin roles, league roles such as league / match secretary, inter-league secretary, membership / registration secretary, cup secretary, tournament secretary, press officer, juniors rep and coaching rep.

Club level roles including club / match secretary and team captain allow clubs and teams to maintain their information, plus enter and verify match results.


Your annual fee also includes support when using the BaddersWeb back-end admin facility.

As well as extensive on-screen help and direct support via email, a community forum is planned within the product where users will be able to suggest improvements, request support and share tips and advice with other users from different associations, leagues and clubs.

Contact Us

To register your interest in the BaddersWeb website template for your badminton association or league, please get in touch:

Australia and Worldwide

The BaddersWeb badminton league software has an English content management system (CMS) back-end to allow your association to maintain the customisable badminton website template front-end.

This makes it readily suitable for associations and leagues in the United Kingdom, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Non-English Versions in alternative languages may be created at a later date, once we have more Customers!