Free Trial Period

We'd be surprised if it wasn't, but we understand it is important to know that BaddersWeb is right for your association or league before you commit your hard won subscription monies.

Along with our reasonable Pricing therefore, we also offer a free trial period for you to evaluate the product.

Fully Functioning

Although it won't be fully branded, the trial will allow you to try out all the Features of the product and enter as much information as you require.

Plus, should you decide to go ahead with BaddersWeb, you'll have the option to keep some or all of the test data you've entered.

Please Contact Us if you would like to set up a trial for your association or league.

A Comprehensive Solution

If during your trial period, you should discover that something is missing from the product that you require, we may still be able to meet your needs.

BaddersWeb has a long list of Features already, but it is inevitable that as the product is taken up by more badminton leagues and associations the need for other features will emerge.

Our aim is to develop as comprehensive a product as possible and as such we will be adding to it on a regular basis.

Dependent on the amount of development required and the use of the feature to other badminton associations, we may develop it for free as an enhancement to the product. Alternatively, there may be a small cost to your association for adding it.

Please Contact Us to discuss your particular requirements.

For examples of previous enhancements, take a look at the Change Log page.

Contact Us

To register your interest in the BaddersWeb website template for your badminton association or league, please get in touch:

New Zealand and Worldwide

The BaddersWeb badminton league software has an English content management system (CMS) back-end to allow your association to maintain the customisable badminton website template front-end.

This makes it readily suitable for associations and leagues in the United Kingdom, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Non-English Versions in alternative languages may be created at a later date, once we have more Customers!