In recognition of the fact that most badminton associations and leagues have limited available funds, BaddersWeb will not cost you NZ$1,000s.

For associations and leagues, pricing is based on the number of clubs you have and starts from just NZ$120 a year. Club and junior club sites are also available from NZ$60 a year.

A bargain for a website solution that is so rich in Features!

Pricing Options

All prices are currently quoted in New Zealand Dollars (NZ$). Please see the foot of the page for links to other countries.

The annual cost is payable from Year 2 onwards.

Associations / Leagues Year 1 Cost Annual Cost
Up To 10 Clubs
Very affordable even for the smallest of leagues!
NZ$120 NZ$120
Up To 20 Clubs
You'll spend more on shuttlecocks in a month!
NZ$180 NZ$180
21+ Clubs
Full solution for less than NZ$12 per club per year!
NZ$240 NZ$240
Clubs Year 1 Cost Annual Cost
Less than a round of drinks after a match!
NZ$60 NZ$60
Junior Club
Affordable for even the smallest of clubs!
NZ$60 NZ$60
Optional ExtrasYear 1 CostAnnual Cost
SSL Certificate
Get a padlock on your front-end website. Note, the Admin area is secured by default.
NZ$48 NZ$48
No Adverts
Remove the menu advertising and classified ads from your association website.
NZ$120 NZ$120
Domain Hosting
We can host your domain (website address) at a reasonable rate. Price dependent on extension (, .com, etc..)
NZ$24 - NZ$72 NZ$24 - NZ$72
Email Addresses
Get specific email addresses such as info@ or secretary@ and treasurer@ for your domain name.
NZ$24 each NZ$24 each
Full System Set-up
The system allows you to do it, but if preferred we can set up your divisions, clubs, teams, etc.. on your behalf.
NZ$200+ (POA) N/A
Data Migration
If you have historic data within another website, we can help to migrate it. Again, you can also do it yourself.
NZ$200+ (POA) N/A
Additional Features
Should you require a feature that the system doesn't have, we can develop it for you. We might even do it for FREE.
NZ$100+ (POA) N/A

And to make life even simpler, we also offer a Free Trial Period to allow you to evaluate BaddersWeb before committing your hard won subscription money.

Why not Contact Us to discuss pricing?

Menu / Classifieds Advertising

A lot of work has gone into developing a comprehensive tailored website solution for badminton associations and leagues, which is rich in Features, yet reasonably priced.

To enable us to offer the product at a reasonable price, discreet Advertising is included in the bottom of the left menu of each website, along with a classifieds page offering low cost advertising for association members, local businesses and national organisations.

For your piece of mind, these adverts will:

  • never number more than three on any given page menu
  • feature only family-friendly neutral businesses or badminton or sport related advertising
  • only ever appear below the main functioning area of the menus

Additionally, where they feel they have just cause, each association maintains the right to request the removal of any advert.

If preferred, our Pricing Options also offer the choice to remove this advertising.

Contact Us

To register your interest in the BaddersWeb website template for your badminton association or league, please get in touch:

New Zealand and Worldwide

The BaddersWeb badminton league software has an English content management system (CMS) back-end to allow your association to maintain the customisable badminton website template front-end.

This makes it readily suitable for associations and leagues in the United Kingdom, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Non-English Versions in alternative languages may be created at a later date, once we have more Customers!