Please find below a couple of testimonials from satisfied Customers of the BaddersWeb website software.

Ideal Replacement

I would just like to express my thanks on behalf of Blackpool & District Badminton Association for our new website.

BaddersWeb were very accommodating and easy to deal with and this provided the ideal solution for us, replacing both our existing tired website and printed handbook.

The key benefit was that it removed sole responsibility for the website from one techie association member and allowed nominated non-IT members to enter and maintain content.

We have been using it for several years now and it has proven to be robust and reliable. Once again, thanks for your assistance and guidance.

Darren Bagley
Blackpool & District Badminton Association

Competitively Priced

Because BaddersWeb is written using a database, the information is easier to update and doesn't need to be input in several different places as I previously did in spreadsheets.

The system is updated purely online, making it more portable and thus easier for other people to take responsibility for content.

Editing fixtures is easy and the system automatically highlights those that have yet to be played and those for which results have not yet been inputted.

The support from BaddersWeb whilst tailoring the system to our requirements was very good and we managed to find a solution to all our specific requirements.

All in all a very professional approach and a very good product which is also very competitively priced.

I would recommend BaddersWeb to any other badminton organisations thinking of replacing their existing website.

John Lapham
League Secretary
Winchester & District Badminton Association

Good Investment

As the League Secretary for Portsmouth, BaddersWeb has definitely made life easier. No more tedious chasing of score cards, checking over them and manually transferring the details to a website.

Team captains and club secretaries have quickly adopted to entering their own scores and the opposition verifying them, thus giving immediate updated leagues tables.

We've found that the good presentation and help-laden intuitive screens for entering data have simplified most processes, giving excellent interconnectivity of all the information held for a Club e.g. registered players, team appearances, leagues, fixtures, etc..

Definitely worth the investment.

Doug Bowen
League Secretary
Portsmouth & Havant Badminton Association

Really Simple to Use

We have been using BaddersWeb for a few years now and it really simplifies our lives.

Administration is very simple, allowing team captains to enter their own results means less work for us and allows the leagues to continuously update.

Support from the team at BaddersWeb has been quick, efficient, accommodating and friendly.

I would thoroughly recommend this website for any league.

Gavin Shefford
League Secretary
Southampton and District Badminton Association

Positive Change

The Lancaster, Morecambe and District Badminton League made the move to the BaddersWeb system a few years ago now and this has made a positive change for many of the players and clubs in our league.

From simple things like having up to date league tables to providing an online presence for many of the clubs, the most proactive of which have used it to increase their membership.

It has also significantly reduced the workload for the committee members, especially around fixtures and results.

Dave at BaddersWeb is also very supportive when we have had small developments (pool and loan players) and when we have had questions regarding new functionality. All provided at a very reasonable price.

I'd recommend the BaddersWeb solution to any league looking to improve their online presence.

David McGonnigal
Junior Tournaments / Website Admin
Lancaster, Morecambe and District Badminton League

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